All treatments are conducted by Dr Kovacic at her clinic in Northwest London. Dr Kovacic is fully licensed and qualified to condust the procedures listed.


The picture shows areas of the face commonly treated with Botox.




Cosmetic injections are the easiest and fastest way to look young again. If you want to get rid of signs of ageing, cosmetic injections are a safe and easy way to achieve that. Botox and dermal fillers can be used for the following:


  • Soften facial lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.
  • Plump areas that have lost volume causing skin to sag
  • Make thin lips fuller
  • Enhance shallow facial contours by sculpting the cheekbones, chin and jawline
  • Stimulate body’s natural production of collagen, therefore delaying the ageing process and improve elasticity of the skin
  • Improve long-term health of the skin

    Don’t just sit and watch the years tick by. Contact Dr Kovacic for a session and see immediate results. Your beauty is in expert hands at DK Medical Aesthetics.




    DK Medical Aesthetics assures their clients that all products used are fully approved and tested and that no inferior products will be used. Prices will vary depending on the treatment. Some treatments might require more than one injection, therefore the prices are given per injection.


    Wrinkle injections


    1 area: £195

    2 areas: £245

    3 areas: £295


    Additional areas: £50-£100 depending on amount used

    Hyperhidrosis (armpits): £375

    Hyperhidrosis other area: please ask


    Dermal Fllers - Juvederm


    Volbella 1ml syringe: £300

    Volift 1ml syringe: £300

    Voluma 1ml syringe: £300

    Lip fillers: From £200



    Initial treatment £500 for 6 treatments

    Monthly maintenance £100 per treatment


    Special offer


  • First consultation is always free.
  • Free top-up treatments within 2 weeks of the initial treatment after the first treatment only
  • If you refer a friend, you get 10% discount on your next treatment.

    Botox parties available, call to arrange!