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BOTOX® is a prescription-only medicine subject to strict regulation. Your consultation will be booked with a doctor who will discuss whether treatment with BOTOX® could be suitable for you.

TreatmentSingle treatment from
1 area£195.00
2 areas£245.00
3 areas£295.00

TreatmentSingle treatment from
Lips (0.5ml)£250.00
Lips (1ml)£300.00
Cheeks (1ml)£300.00
Cheeks (2ml)£490.00
Nasolabial folds.£300.00
Tear trough fillers£290.00
Chin fillers£200.00
Jawline contouring£300.00

Dedicated formulas such as:

TreatmentSingle treatment from
Performance/Energy Booster£250.00
Fat burner£250.00
Skin and hair glow£250.00
Immune booster£250.00
Recovery IV “Morning After”£250.00
Treatment pack of 4£900.00

Individual injections that can be added to the mix, such as:

Glutathione 600mg£80.00
Glutathione 1200mg£120.00
Vitamin C 15g£90.00
Vitamin C 25g£115.00
Vitamin B12£60.00
Biotin B7£50.00
NAD+From £250.00
ALA (alpha lipoic acid)£150.00
Infusion of additional rehydration fluid£35.00

TreatmentSingle treatment from
Face and neck (1 treatment)£170.00
Face and neck (2 treatment)£300.00
Face and neck (3 treatment)£450.00

TreatmentSingle treatment from
Face (1 treatment)£300.00
Face (2 treatment)£550.00
Face (3 treatment)£780.00

1 Treatment£100.00
5 Treatments£450.00

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