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VeLift is a micro-current rejuvenating system that can promise results with certainty. Micro-current facial muscular stimulation has been used for non-surgical facelift and rejuvenation for years now, but with the brand new VeLift machine, you will experience a pure miracle!!!

You will see a gradual, but very natural facelift that will amaze everyone around you!

You will have a healthy, radiating, glowing skin that will be the envy of others!

You will look younger and you will feel great!

VeLift is the most natural way to achieving youthful lifted face with radiant glowing skin!

VeLift can be used in conjunction with Botox.

Micro-current has few other, very beneficial effects on the skin-it improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in more radiant, beautifull refreshed looking skin.

Feel energised
Have a sense of increased wellbeing
Be mentally alert
Look radiant

When to start and how often do you need it?

VeLift can be started at any age but as with everything else, prevention is the key. The sooner you start, the firmer your face will be and the less effect the gravity will have on it. So, you are a candidate for VeLift if you’re eager to slow down the ageing process on your face.

And, remember, your friends and family will notice and complement you. it normally takes about 4-5 treatments for results to be visible.

Why should I use it?

Unlike some beauty treatments, this treatment has been proven to be 100% safe, painless, and with no side effects.

 By firming and lifting your facial muscles VeLift gives you the youthful look that will stay for as long as you want. It will delay ageing and eventually decrease need for Botox and Dermal Fillers.

VeLift treatment is very relaxing, and the slight tingles that you feel on your face and mild twitching of your facial muscles are extremely soothing.

VeLift gives you the radiance and glow due to improvement in circulation and lymphatic drainage.

 VeLift makes you look younger!


A healthy, glowing skin and a face lift has never been so easy as with the VeLift Rejuvenating System. Not only does it make your skin appear younger and healthier, but it also battles and reverses the ageing process by repairing tissues, stimulating muscles, improving skin elasticity, and hydrating the skin. It is a very easy, painless, and effective way of looking younger and healthier.

VeLift uses micro current to stimulate facial muscles to contract, and therefore plumps muscles on your face causing a very visible lift. This can easily be compared to the result you get on your body after going to gym for a period of time. The best of all: your muscles plump up achieving the fullness you had before the gravity took control and therefore the look VeLift gives you is the look of you but at the younger age.

Your skin cells die every 28 days, and the DNA of each cell then makes a copy of the cell to replace the old one. The microcurrent used in the Velift Rejuvenating System stimulates the DNA to make an even better copy, thereby effectively reversing the ageing process and making you look younger after each treatment.

VeLift and Botox

After prolonged use, Botox can eventually cause a decrease in muscle bulk because of their inactivity. VeLift adds plumpness to non-active muscles creating youthful look and no wrinkles!

VeLift can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers, providing there is a time lap of a week or so allowing the filler to integrate with the surrounding tissues.

The effects in summary

This technology has been effectively used for the past 10 years in the therapeutic industry and since then has scientifically been proven to deliver the following results:

60% to 80% less lines and wrinkles
80% to 100% more skin elasticity
80% to 100% more hydrated skin
60% better lift in facial and neck muscles
60% to 100% less expression lines
100% better complexion
30% to 60% more refined pores
60% improvement of sun-damaged skin functions
500% increase in ATP production (which repairs skin cells)
30% to 40% increase in delivery of nutrients to tissue
30% to 40% increase in getting rid of metabolic wastes

Other benefits:

Your facial contours will appear firmer
Your skin texture will appear younger
It will increase the production of endorphins, your body’s natural painkiller
It will heal any scar tissue and bruises
It removes blackheads and other impurities (incrustations) in the skin
Your skin tone will have a much healthier colour

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